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What exactly does Window PAC Corp. do?

Window PAC Corp. is a local {window} {repair} company founded in 2012, specializing in the repair and restoration of all types of {windows}. Originally started as Super window repair, Window PAC Corp. has now grown to perform window repair services such as window repair in Indiana, and window repair in Wisconsin, in addition to window repair in Chicago and the Chicago-land area. Common services performed include {home window glass replacement}, home {window seal failure repair}, commercial seal failure repair, vinyl window repair, commercial glass repair, wood window repair, aluminum window repair, aluminum window glass replacement, antique window {restoration}, antique {wood window repair and restoration}, and much more. If your home or business has a {broken} window, broken {glass}, broken window frame, broken window mechanism or a broken window crank, even if you are considering window replacement or window installation, Window PAC Corp. is here to help.

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