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Fix My Home Window product, provided by variety of suppliers, integrates the latest in glass technology from Cardinal Glass Industries and Edge-Tech with the abundant energy from the sun to reduce our cleaning and energy expenses. Homeowners, businesses, and associations  use Fix My Home Window products and services to reliably decrease their costs and use of energy to foster a clean ecosystem.

Sustainably upgrade your Home or Business

Thermal Insulated Glass - Performance

Thermal Insulated Glass panes with Low-E coating and Argon gas improve your home energy efficiency and your life comfort.   

LowE coating work the same way. These microscopically thin, silver coatings reflect the sun's infrared light back outside to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room and they increse the insulating value of the window. The location of the coating on an insulated glass unit (IG). The width of the air space and the number of air spaces in the IG contribute to the low-e coating performance

Thermal Insulated Glass with Neat Coating

Keep your windows clean for longer

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